Nail Care

Health Issues with Long Nails

Long nails have the potential to cause a variety of health issues. Long nails are a great place for germs to accumulate—germs that can easily be transferred into your body or to others. Health experts generally agree that nails should be trimmed short and kept clean for optimal nail health.

Still, many women prefer to wear their nails long, either by growing their own natural nails out, or by wearing artificial enhancements. Either way, it is important to be informed of what the potential risks are and take every precaution to make sure you are taking care of yourself, and your nails.

Are Long Nails Really Dangerous to My Health?

Allowing germs or bacteria to grow between or under your nails can be harmful. You use your hands every day coming in contact with hundred of objects, even other people. In general, hospitals and other health care facilities do not allow long fingernails on their employees. Similarly, the use of nail polish, glitters and other kinds of nail jewelry are often forbidden in such facilities.

What are the risks of having Long Nails?

Various health issues associated with keeping long nails are listed below:

  • Injuries caused when finger nails gets jammed between doors
  • Typing with long finger nails; It’s not only awkward, it can also lead to unnecessary strain on your fingers and hands
  • Nails longer than 1 inch are five times more likely to carry pathogens that cause yeast and staph infections (source)
  • Artificial acrylic nails are more prone to infection and take longer to heal or disinfect when worn long
  • Long nails contain germs that are acquired while bathing or scratching oneself and can be passed on when you eat, wash or feed with the same long nails. For example, people working with food and/or health industries run an increased risk of passing on harmful bacteria (source).

Tips to Grow Healthy and Strong Long Nails

If you want to wear your nails long, follow these tips to keep your nails, and yourself at optimal health:

  • Never use long nails to open jars, etc
  • Wear gloves while cleaning, washing, etc
  • Avoid biting your nails
  • Clean your nail bed and plate of all moisture and debris
  • Eat a nutritious diet including proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc
  • Drink water to keep your nails hydrated and healthy

Long nails look beautiful only when you take care of them properly. Regular cleaning, trimming and using your long nails appropriately can prevent infections both for you, and those you come in contact with. Keep your nails sanitized and nourished to keep yourself and everyone around you safe and healthy.

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