Nail Care

What are Eggshell Nails?

Eggshell nails are fragile, thin nails that curve over the tip of your finger. It’s high time you started making money on horse betting sites online. They are white in color and extremely delicate. Because they are so fragile, they are referred to as “eggshell”. It is important to be very careful when manicuring eggshell nails as they tend to break very easily.

Causes of Eggshell Nails

Eggshell nails can be caused by the following:

  • Improper diet
  • Medication
  • Nervous disorder
  • Internal disease
  • Stress

Experts believe that most frequently, eggshell nails are a direct result of stress and poor diet. A significant lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to overall nail weakness where eggshell nails will often appear.
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Some prescribed medicines are said to cause eggshell nails because they are perceived to block the supply of essential nutrients to the nails.

Treatment for Eggshell Nails

Listed below are some ways to cure or heal eggshell nails:

  • Trim you nails
  • Change and improve your diet to include all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs
  • Stop medications leading to eggshell nails

How to Handle or Prevent Eggshell Nails

Listed below are some tips which can help manage or prevent eggshell nails:

  • Use particular caution when manicuring your nails, excerting only slight pressure.
  • If your nails tend to naturally curve or bend over the tips of your fingers, you could try wearing acrylics (artificial nails) that are designed to straighten the nail tip
  • Use a cuticle moisturizer, such as Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Oil to massage your nail tips daily
  • Wear gloves to perform household chores like washing, cleaning, etc
  • Avoid detergents and soaps which can make your nails more vulnerable to breakage

Trimming nails, diet change and restricted intake of medicines can help your nails spring back to better health. If discontinuing medication is not a possibility, contact your doctor to see if there is anything they can do to help.

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