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How to Get Rid of Vertical Nail Ridges?

Nail ridges are a common symptom of traumas or even pharmaceutical products. The ridges can appear as white spots or lines across one or more fingernails. While often temporary, many people must treat this condition over longer periods of time.

Vertical Nail Ridges

Vertical Nail Ridges run in a horitzontal line from cutical to the end of the free edge. These ridges are common and often become more visible with age. The underlying cause for these can be attributed to disease when they appear suddenly and should receive medical attention.

Horizontal Ridges

The sudden appearance of Horitzonal Ridges may indicate a more serious health problem, including Beau’s Lines, a deep horizontal ridge that appears suddenly, and should receive medical attention.

A sudden change in color accompanied by ridges can point to medical issues, a sudden onset of disease or lack of proper nutrition. Check with your medical doctor if you notice these changes.

What are Vertical Lines and What Cause Them?

Though vertical ridges can be a result of heredity, it is more commonly a case of the nail plate becoming dry from age. With age, the nail plate becomes dry and devoid of moisture and natural oils, causing the ridges to become more prominent. Studies suggest that the nail plate is rendered healthy and strong only with the rich and abundant supply of natural oils from the nail bed.

The nail bed rests on rails, a series of grooves under the nail plate, and when the nail plate grows or moves forward on the rails of the nail bed, ridges form. These ridges can be worsened with improper nail treatments, over filing or applications of artificial nail products.

Vertical ridges can also arise at any age when the nails are kept too dry. This usually happens when people use their bare hands to do household cleaning, washing, etc which allows chemicals to seep through the nails and damage them. Gloves are the most effective solution to keeping the nails dry, healthy and moisture-filled.

The Sally Hansen line of products has several items that are effective in solving the issues of dry and brittle nails. The use of natural oils twice daily to cuticles and nail plate in order to treat dry and ridged nails should result in improvements to your fingernails.

Vertical ridges can be either temporary or permanent. If they are temporary, the ridges are expected to disappear within 6 months to one year. Proper nail care should be carefully performed by a professional or with appropriate tools at home. A gentle manicure with light buffing, producing less friction, will help keep your nails glossy and beautiful.

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  1. “Vertical Nail Ridges” are horizontal (?) lines that run from the cuticle to the nail tip.

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