Nail Care

Taking Care of Dry Nails

Nails become dry and brittle due to various reasons such as dehydration, exposure to harsh chemicals, and cold or dry weather conditions. Nails are made of same the protein as the skin, so just like skin,they lose moisture and become dry. However, by following some simple tips, you can avoid drying up of nails.

Detecting Dry Nails:

You know your nails are dried up when they are

  • extremely thin
  • break easily due to minor physical injuries
  • become split or cracked easily

Reasons for Drying up of Nails:
Here are a few reasons why your nails could have dried up:

  • Lack of proper hydration. When you are not drinking enough water your body gets dehydrated and this can lead to drying up of the nails.
  • Regular use of nail polish removers. The chemical acetone present in them has a drying effect on the nails.
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals can affect nails by drying them up.
  • Harsh cold weather inhibits the normal secretion of oil glands which leads to dying up of nails.

Tips to keep your nails from Drying

Here are some tips that can keep your nails from drying:

Drink lots of water:
Drinking lot of water can keep your body hydrated and thereby prevent drying up of nails.

Apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly to your nails whenever you wash your hands  to keep them moisturized.

Avoid overuse of nail polish removers:
Nail polish removers without acetone should be used on natural nails. If you have to use nail polish removers with acetone try and use them less frequently and wash your hands after using them.

Soaking your nails in oil such as olive oil for about 10 minutes is effective in treating dry nails.

Avoid Exposure to harsh chemicals:
Harsh chemicals and detergents can dry up your nails.

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While exposing yourself to such chemicals, use gloves to protect your nails from chemicals in them.

Include foods that are rich in calcium, zinc, and vitamin B to keep your nails healthy.
Dry nails can indicate an underlying of health problem related to the thyroid or any other organ. If the problem is persistent for no visible reasons, contact your doctor.

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