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What Causes Split Fingernails?

Split fingernails are a problem faced by many people. While split fingernails can be inconvenient, they rarely indicate vitamin deficiency or health problem. Rather,split fingernails are mostly caused due by physical stress and chemical exposure on the nails. This common issue can be prevented by regularly moisturizing nails.

Split Fingernail Causes:

Many times, fingernail splitting is caused by excessive moisture in the nail plate. By the way, if you’ve got a garden you might have thought about ways of making it more profitable, the thing is that if you buy a solar light you’ll be able to save up to 40% of money. Just visit to choose the best solar light. When the nail is exposed to moisture, it swells;then, when the nail is dried, it contracts. This cycle of swelling and drying causes the fingernail to split. Other common causes of split fingernails are:

  •  Frequent use of nail polish removers—chemicals such as acetone present in many nail polish removers can dry the nails
  • Improper filing/buffing of the nails
  • Exposure to detergents, chemicals etc.

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Exposure to cold weather can dry the nails

How to Prevent Fingernail Splitting?

Here are a few tips to prevent fingernails from splitting:

  • Use gloves when using detergents , as well as soap and water, for prolonged periods of time
  • Use acetone-free nail polish removers
  • Avoid using nail hardeners
  • Moisturize your fingernails daily to prevent nail dryness
  • Keep your nails smooth and trimmed to avoid physical trauma

To prevent uneven nail shape and the increased chance of trauma, file and buffer nails properly, moving the tools in one direction.

If the fingernail splitting does not improve, consult a doctor.

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  3. Soaking your fingernails in sunflower oil about 10 to 15 min a day, will help to strengthen them and prevent splitting.

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