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Green Fingernails Causation and Treatment

Green fingernail is caused due to a Pseudomonas bacterial infection. The bacteria invades the gap between the nail and the nail bed. As the bacteria grows, it produces a green pigment under the nail – as a result a part of the nail or the entire fingernail may appear green. Regular trimming of the afflicted fingernail and the application of an anti-bacterial treatment can treat this infection within three weeks.
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What Causes Green Fingernails?

Green fingernails can be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Exposing your fingernails to water for long time. Dishwashers, bakers, beauticians, bartenders, and others whose jobs require exposure to water are susceptible for this infection
  • People with onycholysis (a condition in which nail is separated from the nail bed)
  • Improper sanitizing in the nail salon. Usage of unclean nail care equipment.
  • Spread of bacteria through the sharing of nail care equipment
  • Application of artificial nails may expose the weakened nails to trauma and excessive water


If you have green fingernails which are growing darker day by day, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. They will take a nail scraping and send it for testing to determine if it is bacterial infection. In some rare cases, fungal infection may also cause green fingernails.

Green fingernail Treatment:

Following are the treatment options for green fingernails:

  • Your doctor may prescribe topical antibiotics to treat the infection
  • The nail should be trimmed short to quicken the healing process. Trimming the nail short also enables the antibiotic to reach the area of infection easily
  • Soaking your fingernails in alcohol two to three times daily may be recommended

Using topical antibiotics can resolve the infection in two to three weeks. During this time, it is advised to avoid exposing your nails to water and keep your nails short.

To avoid getting green fingernails, one should wear gloves while working in water. Any nail care instruments should be sanitized before use to avoid the spread of bacteria.

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