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Blood Under Fingernail

A heavy impact or crushing action to the fingernail can break the blood vessels under the nail resulting in the accumulation of blood under the fingernail. The blood accumulates under the fingernail and gives a red, maroon or black appearance to the fingernail. There can also be pain due to the pressure exerted by the accumulated blood or due to the injury itself.

Blood under the nail is also known as subungual hematoma.If the size of the area of blood under the fingernail is less than twenty five percent, then home care is sufficient. However, if the pain is intense and the area of blood under fingernail is more than twenty five percent, consulting a doctor is recommended.

Treatment For Blood Under Fingernail :

Applying a cold compress for fifteen to twenty minutes can relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin or Advil can also be used.

If the blackened area under the nail grows in size or if the pain is severe, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.  They will drill a small hole into the fingernail and drain the accumulated blood. This will get rid of the discoloration and pain. Your doctor may also further check the nail for injury, and fractures etc. In some cases, healing would require removal of fingernail.

Blood under a fingernail is a common problem and in most cases, the discoloration goes away as the fingernail grows. Sometimes, the nail becomes black and falls off. If this happens it is usually replaced by a new fingernail.

Some people recommend relieving blood under the fingernail by puncturing the darkened skin (where it joins with the nail) using a sharp object. However, this method can lead to pain or infection. Consulting a doctor to remove the accumulated blood is a much better option.


2 responses to Blood Under Fingernail

  1. I have injured my finger nail about a month and a half ago (hitting a lamp while playing Wii tennis by accident). It hurt for the first few days and then the pain went away. I can see that the nail is growing as the bloodstained black part is moving above my finger now. So I have about 80% of the nail black as of right now.

    My question is that since there is no pain anymore (only the first few days) and I have not bothered to see a doctor or release the blood myself (with a redhot paperclip) do I need to do anything or just let the nail continue to grow as normal?

    The blood is all the way down past the cuticle and I can’t see yet if it’s growing out at all.

    So just curious if I need to do anything or just let it be as there’s no discomfort or anything other then the odd black nail look?

    Also what is the chance of the entire nail falling off down the road?

  2. you may have very specific ideas about what you want ;but I’t not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you,