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Blood Toenail

When the blood clots in the toenail due any reason then it is known as ‘Black Toenail’. This condition arises when you walk or run for a long distance. In such conditions, the toenail swells up and turns grey or black in color.

What Is Blood Or Black Toenail?

Actually, when we walk, our foot moves forward in the shoes and bangs in all the directions around the shoes with each moving step. The compression of the socks and the shoes results in the swelling of the feet.

This pressure and compression can damage the bed of toenail or can cause blister under it. This results in the collection of extra blood and fluid under the toenail which can seperate the toenail from the nailbed itself. The toenail turns black due to the presence of the excess of blood under the toenail.

How To Remove Blood Under Toenail:

Here are few steps that can be taken to remove the blood under the toenail:

  • Paper clip or sterillized needles can be used for the same purpose.
  • In case of the paper clip. It can be folded leaving some space to hold it.
  • Now, steralize this clip by rubbing it with the alcohol and use a towel or a napkin to hold it up.
  • Then, heat the clip with a lighter, when it becomes hot apply it into the nail with some pressure.
  • Make sure, that the clip reaches the hematoma, under the nail.
  • As soon it touches the infected part, the blood will escape from the newly created hole.
  • Clean up the blood and use alcohol to disinfect the infected area.

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