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Green Toenail

Green toenail is the result of the bacterial infection. The infection changes the color of the nail giving an indication of the bacterial presence. This infection are found commonly in middle aged persons as their immune system gets weakened up by that age.

The treatment of fungal infection and bacterial infection on toenail is an expensive one. There are few home remedies which can be easily followed to cure it.

Causes Of Green Toenail:

Fungus or bacteria in the toenail results due to some trauma of the toenail. The trauma makes some wound or creates some space in between the nail in which the fungus or bacteria survives on getting suitable conditions. The suitable condition for any bacteria or fungus to survive are the moist environment which is easily provided by the socks. Apart from this, poor circulation of the blood to the toes, fluid retention can lead to swelling of the toes which can also result in the fungal or bacterial infection.

Bacterial infection is due to the presence of the Pseudomonas bacteria which turns the nail color into green.

Symptoms For Green Toenail:

  • Nails become thick and crumble and become yellow in color.
  • Area around the nails gets swells up and later falls off.
  • Sometimes, Pseudomonas bacteria develops below the half fallen nail bed and turns the nail green in color.

Home Remedies For Treating Green Toenail:

  • Use Baking Soda:

    A paste of baking soda and water when applied on the infected toenails releases the carbon dioxide gas and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus both. The paste must be left for at least 30 minutes on the infected part and then rinsed off.

  • Onion Juice:

    The juice of onion also inhibits the bacterial and fungal growth. Therefore, few drops of the onion must be dropped on the affected toenail or a piece of onion can be rubbed directly on the affected part.

  • Olive Oil And Oregano Oil:

    Both these oils are known to be good for inhibiting fungal and bacterial growth. A cotton dipped in any of the two oils and applied on the affected toenail will proof beneficial.

  • Vinegar:

    Any type of vinegar when applied on the affected toenail cures and inhibits the growth of the bacteria or virus. Thus, helping in curing the toenail infection.

1 response to Green Toenail

  1. Soak a cotton ball in Listerine. Yep that’s right Listerine and leave on nail for 30 minutes. Apply nightly until nail is normal. It immediately thins out the nail. Then after a few treatments the fungas disappears. Mine never came back.