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What Causes Thin Fingernails?

Thin fingernails are a cause of concern for many. This is because maintaining thin fingernails is very difficult. They break off very easily. Those who use their hands for most of their work face the maximum difficulty. The cause of thin nails is known to be a deficiency.

Causes of Thin Fingernails:

It is well known that change in the color, texture and shape of the fingernail is due to any kind of deficiency in the body. Thus, a potential disorder can be easily revealed by your fingernails. The nails of a healthy body will have a nail bed which will be pink in color. Any change in the color of the nail bed, its strength and shape, reveals the presence of some kind of abnormality which can vary from an unhealthy diet to a serious health issue.

Thin fingernails also reveal the deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body. This vitamin is very essential for the growth of the body. To improve this deficiency, intake of green vegetables is very essential in huge quantity.

Tips To Deal With Thin Fingernails:

  • Make sure that you wear gloves while doing the household work. This will prevent the direct contact of water with your nails. Thus, preventing them to become soft and weak. This would decrease the risk of broken and torn nails.
  • Thin coat of nail strengthener must be applied each day on all seven days. Do not overcoat the implementation rather remove the earlier coat and then apply a fresh one each day. Avoid alcoholic nail polish removers because these will cause further damage to you thin nails.
  • Use of artificial nails over your natural nails will prove beneficial as it will act as a barrier for your natural nails.
  • Intake of multivitamin and biotin tablets twice a day is necessary as it will help in regaining the lost strength of your nails. Thus, making them strong.
  • Keep them trimmed and short. This will prevent them from breaking.
  • Eat raw vegetables in abundance. It is because raw vegetables are rich source of iron and vitamins. So, an increase in iron stores will help in regaining the lost strength of your nails. It is the lack of strength that it receives from the food you eat that results in the weakening and thinning of your nails. To take care of your nails you have to first take care of you.

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