Nail Care

Nail Ridge Treatment

Our nails and hair are a mirror that reflects overall health. Healthy fingernails often indicate general good health, while some ailments will have visible signs in a person’s nail health.
The presence of ridges on your nails is one such indication, and the ridges can be horizontal or vertical. Vertical ridges are common, and sometimes merely an indication of aging. These ridges will begin from the cuticle and continue to the tip of the nail. Horizontal ridges begin run from side to side. These ridges can be an indication of some underlying problems.
Treatment Of Nail Ridges:

  • Here are few steps, which can be followed as the remedy of nail ridges.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to water, and wear gloves when possible.
  • Nails with horizontal ridges need to be filed down regularly to limit breakage.
  • Keep nails shaped properly to encourage healthy growth.

Apply a moisturizer regularly on your nails. This will keep them moist and will also protect them untimely breaking.

  • Avoid using products that weaken nails, such as acetone.
  • A healthy diet is the best treatment for nails, and will help remedy some instances of nail ridges. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, vitamins and proteins will help keep your nails healthy.

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