Nail Care

What Is Nail Envy?

Nail Envy is an ideal product for strengthening the nails. In case your nails are dry and brittle or soft and thin then this product can be of great help to you. You can apply OPI Nail Envy as a varnish on your deformed nails. Now you can make money by playing your smartphone, mobile casino ohne einzahlung. The regular use of this product has the ability to give your nails a perfect shape. There are various brands which are manufacturing nail envy, but nail envy by OPI is the most powerful.

Ingredients of OPI Nail Envy:

OPI nail envy is a powerful strengthener which is designed to give your nails some much required strength. This product contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium which provides for a strong, tough and hard nails for a longer duration of time.
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For the best results, OPI nail envy must be applied directly on the nails. The regular application of nail envy will give strength to the nails and stronger nails can grow longer without problems like breaking or chipping. OPI nail envy can also be used as the top coat on the nail polishes. This application will protect the color of the nail polish and also add depth to it.Doing this should ensure that the color lasts longer without chipping off as it is protected.

Steps to Apply OPI Nail Envy:

Here are few simple steps for applying OPI nail envy:

  • Always apply two layers of nail envy for maximum effect and coverage.
  • Apply one coat of nail envy every other day. This will ensure that nail envy works more efficiently.
  • In case you have applied nail polish to hide your damaged nail, then remove your nail polish first and then apply nail envy over it.
  • Follow all the instruction mentioned on the cover of the nail envy. This will help you in yielding quick and effective results.

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