Nail Care

How to Use a Cuticle Oil Pen?

A cuticle oil pen is a thin slender marker with a sponge tip. Thisnail care productworks by using an easy application of cuticle oil on the required parts. The body of this pen is filled with cuticle oil, which can be applied by pressing the tip of the pen. In order to apply this oil just place the tip at the base of your nail and press the tip, cuticle oil will flow out and will be absorbed in the nearby areas.

How to Apply Cuticle Oil Pen:

The steps to apply nail cuticle oil include:

  • Remove the cap of the cuticle oil pen and place it at the base of the nail.
  • Now press the tip of the pen so that the oil comes out.
  • Draw an outline of oil on all the cuticles using the cuticle oil pen, as if you are using a marker on your nails.
  • Now cap your pen and massage the oil into your nails and cuticles.

Benefits of Cuticle Oil Pen:

The application of cuticle oil on the nails is a difficult job. Most of the oil spills over during the application. The bottle of cuticle oil is difficult to carry in case you are travelling or sometimes due to leakage in the bottle most of the oil gets wasted.

All these problems are solved by cuticle oil pen. It is thin, slender and can be carried easily. As it is a compact structure, there are no chances for it to leak. The sponge tip of the pen releases the oil only when it is pressed and the amount of oil which comes out is sufficient enough to be absorbed by the cuticles. So the amount of oil which can be wasted is negligible. The cuticle oil pen has a tight cap, covering its tip which protects it from any damage.

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