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Nail Whitener – How To Use A Nail Whitener Pencil And A Nail Whitener Pen?

How To Use A Nail Whitener Pencil?

You all must know about regular eye-liners. A nail whitener pencil is like an eye liner pencil. It is used to make the edges of the nail look white, giving the nails a French manicure look. Nail polish sometimes leaves yellow spots on the nails on removal. Household works and daily activities also make the nails appear yellowish and dull. Such conditions demand the use of nail whiteners. The steps to apply the nail whitening pencils are mentioned below:

  • Remove dirt or previously applied nail polish using a nail polish remover.
  • Wait until your fingers and nails are clean and dry.
  • Take a nail whitening pencil and make the tip of the pencil wet.
  • Apply this wet tip on all edges of all nails.
  • Cover the entire tip with white color.
  • Apply this to all fingers in the same manner.

Any split nails, ridges,or spots will be hidden with the application of this pencil. If you want to make your fingers look gorgeous and enhance the look of your hands, then using nail whitening pencil is the most desired option. The major advantage is the affordable cost and easy application, which is easily available and can be done anywhere atanytime.

How to Use a Nail Whitener Pen?

A nail whitener pen is also a very easy technique to get clean-cut and shaped nails. You do not need to pay any extra cost nor need to do any extra work to give your hands the manicured look. The procedure to use a nail whitening pen is mentioned below.

  • Clean your hands using soap and warm water. To remove all the dirt and grime, use a gentle scrubber or a soft nail brush. The brush should be able to reach the nail bed and under the nail.
  • Wait until the nails and fingers are dried completely.
  • A clipper or a nail trimmer can be used to remove any hangnails to maintain the clean and easy shape. To get the proper shape; triangular, round or square, use a nail file.
  • Fill in the place under the nail with the nail whitening pen. For an added effect, continue drawing the white on the top of the nail.
  • Use a clear colored nail polish to top-coat the nails. Also skim the area under the nail.

Tips and Warnings –

  • The nail-whitening pen must be re-applied in few days to retain the manicured look along with the application of the clear nail polish.
  • A quick touch up with the nail whitening pen can be done, if you carry the pen with you.
  • Be extremely careful while washing your hands, as the whitening effects can get wiped off.

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