Nail Care

How to Dry Nails Fast

It is just amazing to have well shaped and well polished nails. But, to get that beautiful look, you need to be very patient when you apply nail polish so that it won’t get scratched or peel off. However, it is not always possible to wait for a long time to get the nails completely dry. To make it easier, there are a few simple tricks that help to dry nails faster.

Simple Tricks for Quick Drying

Here are a few simple tricks that you can consider for drying the nails faster:

  • Choose a nail polish of your choice and apply it just the way you normally would. The shape of the nails and the quality of the nail polish do not matter.
  • Turn on the sink tap, apply a little pressure to avoid scratching the nail polish. The temperature of the water is not that important. But, when the water is warm, it is believed to be quick drying.
  • Now, slightly slant your nails downwards and then separately run each nail under the flowing water for about 2-4 times.
  • After that, fan the hands for a few times so that the water is off.
  • This action will draw the air to the nails and makes them dry within no time.
  • Another simple option for drying the nails faster is to simply use hair spray. For a dramatic drying, spray the hair spray on to the nails and leave it for about 2 minutes and you have perfectly dry nails.
  • The best part about using hair spray is that it gives a very nice shine to your nails.


Do a simple test to check if your nails are completely dry. If they are not, repeat the above process again.

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