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How to Remove Nail Sticker?

Nail stickers are a fun way to enhance the fingernails as well as the toenails. Although nail stickers look amazing on the nails, they do not stay for long on the nails. Maintaining nail stickers for a longer periods of time is quite vexing. After enjoying your nail-sticker-look for a while, naturally you are bound to get rid of them and get a new look. Removing nail stickers is quite easy. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

Steps for Removing

These simple steps are quite helpful in getting rid of your nail sticker:

  • Firstly, gather all the things that you need for removing the nail stickers.
  • The things you will need are acetone nail polish remover, paper towels, nail filer, nail buffer and a nail polish of your choice.
  • After getting all the required stuff, settle at a convenient place and spread out the paper towels so the you won’t spoil the surrounding. It also makes it easier to clean up the mess.
  • Now, use the acetone nail polish remover. You can either use a cotton swab or a simple nail brush. Dip the cotton swab or the brush in the polish remover and gently rub it onto the nails and scrub it till the nail polish and the nail sticker comes out.
  • If the nail sticker do not come out easily, soak the nails in a bowl containing nail polish remover. After soaking the nails for about a minute or so, remove your nails and gently scrape the nail stickers out with the help of a nail filers.
  • After removing the nail stickers from all the nails, use a nail buffer to smooth the surface and give them a polished clean look.
  • Now, apply a coat of nail polish of your choice.

Removing nail stickers is quite easy and can be perfectly done at home.

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