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Tips for Fixing Acrylic Nail Problems

Acrylic nails are an easy way to enhance your nails beauty. If you have short and stubby nails, then acrylic nails are your answer to getting longer and stronger looking nails. Although they look amazing, they might come along with a couple of problems. However, there are a few products available in the market that provide a quick-fix to your acrylic nails and bring them back to their beautiful best.

Steps for Fixing Acrylic Nails
Follow these simple steps to fix your acrylic nails:
• If you find your acrylic nail lifting off from the nail bed, put on a little glue and reseal the artificial nail. However, since this is just a temporary fix, you might have to go to a manicurist to either get it fixed or removed.
• If your acrylic nail separates from your natural nail, simply dip your nail in alcohol. This is considered to be quite effective in preventing infections from developing. Before reattaching your acrylic nail, keep them soaked in the alcohol for a minimum of 15 seconds.
• If you find that your natural nail has developed an infection or has an allergic reaction. Or if you find your nail underneath your acrylic nail turning green, then it is advisable that you remove the acrylic nail. Make sure that you go visit your doctor and then get it treated.
• Hide the regrowth of your nails by painting nail polish to cover up the gap between the acrylic and natural nail. If you are sporting a French manicure, remove the paint and then put on a coat of clear nail polish for whole nail.

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• If your nails are infected, remove the artificial nails, wash them with warm water and then apply some anti-fungal cream.

These simple steps can help in fixing your acrylic nail problems.

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