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How to Do a French Manicure Without the Help of Guide Strips

A French manicure is beautiful because of its simplicity.  However, doing one yourself may pose a few problems, including trying to utilize the guide strips that are included in a French Manicure Kit.   Oftentimes the guide strips are not easily applied or followed, making the process frustrating and sometimes disappointing.  The strips might not stick properly, or if they do stay one, sometimes the polish still seeps in beneath them, ruining the effect you’re worked so hard to accomplish.

Good News!  You can do a French manicure without guide strips, and we have some tips on how to get it done.

Steps for French Manicure Without Strips

Follow these simple steps to have your very own French manicure, without the help of guide strips:

  • Choose two nail colors that would complement each other. Traditionally, the two colors used are the opaque nude and pure white.  The former color is used for the overall nail and the latter for the tip of the nail.  However, you can experiment with the color combinations and select different contrasting colors.
  • Do your usual manicure by soaking them up, pushing back the cuticles, clipping, buffing and finally filing them. Shape them according to your preferences.
  • Using clear tape, cut strips that will be placed on the nail bed, separating it from the nail tip. Care has to be taken that these tapes are pressed down tightly.
  • Once you have pressed the tape strips to your nails, paint the exposed tip with the color of your choice, usually it is white. Make sure that you do not paint the tape, or the nail bed area. This will ensure that the line of the painted tip looks as defined as possible.
  • Once the paint dries, remove the clear tape. If you are not sure if your paint is dry on not, gently touch one of he nails, if it is sticky, it needs more time to dry.
  • Finish with a coat of the nude color, followed by a clear top coat to seal your French manicure.

These simple tips will help you to do a French manicure without the help of guide strips. 

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