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The Art of Keeping your Acrylic Nails Sparkling Clean

The best way to hide your short stubby nails is by putting on acrylic nails. They are easy to apply and at the same time all the more easier to get rid of. Here are a few simple tips to keep them neat and clean for a longer period of time. Sparkling clean acrylic nails are appealing and also makes you feel wonderful to have such beautiful nails on.

Tips for Cleaning your Acrylic Nails
Follow these simple tips to keep your acrylic nails spectacularly clean:
• Firstly, make sure that you put on a pair of gloves while doing your daily household chores, this will ensure that no dirt will get under your nails. Any dirt or food that gets under your nails has to be cleaned properly.

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• At least once a day scrub the nails with the help of an antibacterial soap and a nail brush. Irrespective of the fact that you consider cleaning them necessary or not, the moment you spot dirt, make sure you get rid of it.
• While scrubbing pay special attention to the top of the nails. Not only the bottom side of the nails, even the top of the nails require special attention. The dirt and food tend to go specifically under the nails, so while you are finished scrubbing your nails, make sure that you re-check under the nails so that you have not missed out on any.
• It is important that you keep your nails and hands well sanitized. With an antibacterial soap wash your hands thoroughly all through the day. Once you are finished washing them, do not forget to dry your nails.
• Always carry a nail brush along with you. This will help you in keeping your nails sparkling clean all the time.

These simple tips are sure to come in handy to keep you acrylic nails clean.

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