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How to Do Simple Palm Tree Nail Art

Nail art is the perfect way to enhance your nails. It’s a fun way to make sure your nails are the center of attention.  If you are going on a holiday to the beach, consider giving your nails that perfect beach look by doing a palm tree as nail art? It is simple to paint palm trees on your nails, all you need is the right tools, time and patience.

Steps for Doing a Palm Tree Nail Art

Follow these simple tips to paint pretty palm trees on your nails:

  • Start by applying a nail color on all of your nails.  This will be your background color.
  • Have a small brush that will be the correct size for painting on a small fingernail.  It should have the correct shape for making the the strokes necessary to make your palm tree.
  • Select the acrylic paint colors that you want for your palm tree.  Recommendation: brown and green.
  • For the trunk of the palm tree choose the brown paint, dip the brush in and get a small amount on tip and make one smooth stroke.
  • Use a different brush, or clean the one used for the brown paint.  With the green paint, create palm fronds by stroking several times, making a curved line that starts at the top of the brown trunk shape.  If you need a picture, find one that is useful for you to copy in order to paint your design.
  • Before actually painting out on your nails, practice it first on a sheet of paper. Try it with the brush, so that it will give you a feel of how to give the strokes. Once you are confident enough, try it on your nails.

Try these simple steps and you shall have an amazing palm tree  for your nail art. 

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