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How to Cover Up Nail Fungus

Nail fungus might be caused due to bacteria. Different kinds of bacteria can lead to nail fungus. This nail fungus leads to yellow, thick and discolored nails. For a lot of youngsters, it is not common to have nail fungus; however, it can spread when you happen to come in direct contact with fungus-infected tubs, showers, hosiery or acrylic nails.  It can spread even by wearing super tight shoes. Nail fungus is usually common with people above 70 years. Nail fungus is common, especially among the elderly, but it can definitely be covered up with simple steps.

Steps for Covering Up Nail Fungus

Follow these simple steps to be able to cover up your nail fungus:

  • If you have nail polish, remove it with the help of an acetone nail polish remover.
  • With the help of a nail clipper, gently clip the nails to a uniform shape.
  • Use a nail buffer to gently buff the nails. Slightly buff the nails for not more than 3-5 seconds on each nail, making sure that you don’t go too deep.
  • If your nails are very thick, use a nail filer to even and thin them out. File the nails to a proper thickness.
  • Now, to be able to give a quick-fix to your not-so-appealing-fungus-nails, choose a nail color that is neither bright nor way too pale. Putting on a nail color that is quite neutral will help in taking away the attention from your feet.
  • Sober and neutral polish colors will help in the nail to blend properly and they would almost give them a natural look.
  • After choosing a nice, neutral nail color, apply this color onto your nails.
  • Give a decent two coats of nail color. Apply the second coat only after the first nail polish coat has dried.
  • To finish your cover-up look, put on a coat of clear nail polish.

With these simple steps, you shall be able to do a nail fungus cover up without much avail. Only you will know that you have a nail fungus.

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