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Steps for Treating Toenail Fungus During Pregnancy

The typical symptom of a toenail fungus is the yellow or white spots formed on the tip of the toenails. If the toenail fungus is not treated well before hand, it can spread to the nail bed and can cause crumbling and discoloration. Having toenail fungus is quite painful and unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to treat. Treating the toenail fungus during pregnancy will either require a lot of home remedies or topical medications. It is advised to avoid oral medications as there could be a probability of causing harm to the unborn baby and in few cases it might also cause a few birth defects.

Steps for Toenail Fungus Treatment During Pregnancy

Follow these simple steps to treat your toenail fungus:

  • To treat your toenail fungus, the things you will require are vinegar, antifungal cream and Vicks vaporub.
  • Take a bowl and pour a portion of vinegar and mix this with two portions of warm water. Keep your feet soaked in this mixture for about 10-15 minutes. You are required to follow this procedure every day. Vinegar is believed to be helpful in stopping the growth of bacteria and can also help in clearing the fungus.
  • Every day, make sure that you apply a little Vicks vaporub onto your infected toenails. This will help in clearing the fungus. After applying the ointment, put on a pair of clean socks. The socks will help with soaking up the ointment and at the same time prevents the transfer of oily residue on the furniture and carpets.
  • From a local drug store, purchase a nice topical antifungal cream. These topical medications are quite safe to use during pregnancy as they are not really absorbed by the skin. And hence, there is no chance of it getting into the blood stream and thereby reaching your baby. It cannot cause any harm to the baby.
  • Consult with your physician and take a prescription for topical antifungal medication like ointments and cream which are available only through prescription. These are totally safe to use during pregnancy.
  • You can also consider using antifungal lacquers that can be painted onto the infected toenails. Although these are available only through prescription, they are quite helpful in clearing the fungus.

With these simple steps, you are sure to feel safe when treating toenail fungus during pregnancy.

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