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Steps for Making Your Very Own French Manicure Stencil

Sporting a French manicure is definitely the most classy and subtle nail look that one can carry off with ease. They are popular because of using the not-so-overwhelming-colors. By using the proper colors, you can make your nails look beautiful and clean. You can paint the base of your nails with crystal clear nail polish and the tips with a sparkly white polish that can do wonders. Instead of purchasing your regular ready-to-use stencils, you can now follow a few simple steps to make your very own French manicure stencils.

Steps for Making French Manicure Stencil

Follow these simple steps to be able to make your own French manicure stencils:

  • The things that you will require for making French manicure stencils are masking tape, scissors, white nail polish and a fine-line permanent marker.
  • Draw a neat crescent-shaped small stencil which follows the exact natural curve of the nails. The starting of the stencil line has to be right at the beginning of the white tips end. Now, with the help of the marker, make a ¼ inch wide stencil on the masking tape. Make sure that the stencil is as wide as your fingernail tips.
  • Now, you need to make a stencil for each and every fingernail with the help of the marker and masking tape.
  • After drawing all the stencils properly, use the scissors to cut them out.
  • Now, place each of these stencils onto your respective fingernails. Make sure that the stencils are properly placed. Now, gently and firmly press down the tape so that the nail polish will not seep under the French manicure stencil.
  • Now, paint your nail tips with white nail polish. Wait until the white nail polish dries completely and then take them off.
  • Once you are done with all the nails, you can discard them.

So, if you want perfect looking French manicure, simply follow these steps to be able to make your very own French manicure stencil. It is quick and easy and requires only everyday use materials. Why pay a ridiculous amount at the salon when you can do your own French manicure.

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