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How to Avoid Discoloration of Acrylic Nails

If you have problems with nail biting, or if you constantly pick at your nails, Acrylics may be the answer. One drawback to be aware of, however, is the tendency of acrylic nails to yellow with time, especially if exposed to UV rays during outdoor activities. In order to avoid discoloration of acrylic nails you can follow a few simple steps to protect them.

Tips for Avoiding Discoloration to Acrylic Nails
• You will need tanning lotion, plastic bandages and UV ray protection nail polish.
• After putting on your acrylic nails, apply a few coats of UV nail polish. Applying this nail polish, will provide protection to your acrylic nails from strong UV rays, and will helps in avoiding discoloration of the nails.
• You also have the option of putting on nail savers, which can also be substituted with plastic bandages. These are tiny pockets that slip over your fingertips. These savers will protect the acrylic nails from the UV rays. Plastic bandages may also be used.
• Solar nails are an option for beautiful artificial nails. Try these instead of acrylic for a carefree experience that requires no additional care to avoid discoloration due to the sun.

Additional Tips And Caution
• It is advised to use nail savers rather than plastic bandages, as the former are more user friendly. Nail savers are reusable and there won’t be any sticky residue on the fingers.
• Always use products that are approved by the FDA to ensure that the product you are using does not have any possible health risk.

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