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What Do Dents in Fingernails Mean?

Well manicured, strong and smooth fingernails give that extra touch to the overall beauty. They say, ‘Fingernails are like mirrors to one’s health’. But, if there are dents in your fingernails, what could it mean? Do not ignore dents in your fingernails as they can provide possible clues to different health issues. These underlying health issues can be due to various factors like vitamin deficiency, health problems like heart ailments and other respiratory problems. Dents on your fingernails can be either small or large. And, the reason for the dents could be due to improper diet, iron deficiency or even by trauma caused to the fingernails.

Small Dents In Fingernails

When small dents appear on the fingernails, it can be due to an inflammatory skin condition known as psoriasis. This is one-of-a-kind skin condition, where in, red scale like small patches appear on your skin. And, this can also affect the skin cells present in the nails , there by making small dents appear on the fingernails. But, when treatment for psoriasis is done, the dents will also disappear gradually. Small dents on the fingernails can also occur due to nail biting, trauma to your nail bed or it can also be heredity.

Horizontal Dents In Fingernails

These dents run from one side of the fingernail to the other side. Usually, the presence of horizontal dents in your fingernails can be an indication for possible health concerns. The reasons for these dents can be many. A systematic infection or diabetes illness can lead to dents in fingernails. Even cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment also get horizontal dents. The nails tend to stop growing when a person goes through a lot of stress that too for a longer period of time. And, when the nail starts to grow again, indentations occur at that particular spot.

A lot of people, usually tend to ignore dents and ridges present on the fingernails. But, these dents could be an indication of various undiagnosed medical conditions such as iron deficiency, circulatory problems and also thyroid diseases. So, if you spot any dents on your fingernails, make sure that you do not ignore it, but instead take good care of your nails and health.

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