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White Spots on Toenails

Every one might have gotten occasional white spots on fingernails or toenails. This discoloration appears on the cuticle and moves outward as the nail grows. Several factors are responsible for white spots on toenails. Nail fungus is a major cause of this problem. Read conair towel warmer reviews prior to buying a towel warmer. If you frequently cover your toenails with nail polish, lack of oxygen may lead to toenail fungus. Simultaneously, there are several myths that surround the sudden appearance of white spots on the nails.

What does White Spots on Toenail Mean?

Most people compare white spots on the toenails to skin bruises. However, you are recommended to pay attention to this problem. This can be a symptom of some serious condition.
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  • Infection:

    It is said that underlying infection may cause white toenail spots. Many people cover their feet in shoes all the time and are unaware of the infection that eats away their nails. When the fungus starts to grow a whitish spot may appear. Often, it appears somewhere other than the cuticle, that is at the nail tip. If nail discoloration increases, the nail may become thinner or thicker. The nail may also flake or split.

  • Injury:

    People are so busy with their daily schedules that they sometimes fail to realize that they had an injury. However, if you find white spots on your nails, check whether they are caused due to any injury. Immediately after an injury, you may not notice white spots on nails. However it may take a few weeks before you notice them.

  • Deficiency:

      • Nowadays, many people don’t have a mineral and vitamin rich diet. It is said that mineral and vitamin deficiency may cause white toenails.
      • Often, women suffer from calcium deficiency. This is one cause of this white spots..
      • Zinc deficiency may also give rise to white spots on toenails. Pay close attention to your diet. Eat healthy and prevent white spots.
  • Allergy:

    Allergies to some products may cause white spots. The allergic reaction may be triggered due to products like nail polish remover, nail polish or nail hardener.

Treatment for White Spots on Toenails:

Numerous traditional home remedies and natural healing products, as well as over the counter medications are available for treating this condition. However, you should seek a health care provider’s advice for detecting the underlying cause. If the spots are due to deficiency, it is better to treat the problem on time. Physician may prescribe the medications based on the severity of the problem.

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