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Top 11 Tips to Prevent Nail Fungus

Nail FungusPrevention is the best cure… This is certainly true when it comes to treating any kind of nail fungus. Prevention is practical and common sense if you follow the advice here.

Nail fungus can attack any person, although some circumstances make it more threatening to people who have excessive moisture from perspiration, athletics or extended exposure to moisture. Salons can be a breeding ground as implements are used on multiple clients, foot baths filled and re-filled without proper sanitation steps.

People with poor immune systems can also be at risk, although it is not a guarantee to susceptibility of infection. Since this type of infection is highly contagious, it is important to take special care when in public places that might act as a carrier to a fungus.

Tips to Prevent Nail Fungus:
1.When you use public facilities like gym, showers, swimming pools and locker rooms, wear protective slippers or shoes. Many people use these facilities and one can never know if an infected person has used the shower that you are using. Keep in mind that nail fungus is highly contagious.
2.Always maintain clean, dry and short nails. Regularly trim your nails and also in a straight line. After taking shower, thoroughly dry your feet and hands, particularly in between the toes and fingers. Fungus grows more on damp areas.
3.Usage of anti-fungal powders and sprays in feet or in shoes for eliminating fungal infections. Do not use the same pair of shoes daily, give them time to dry. This is especially important for people who tend to perspire heavily.
4.Change socks after each use.
5.Regularly wash your feet and dry them thoroughly.
6.Do not use nail enamel to cover an existing infection. It looks good but it traps the fungus and moisture in the nails and worsens the infection.
7.Consult an expert for manicure and pedicure. Also, make sure that they sterilize their instruments after each customer. The safest thing is to supply your own implements.
8.After applying medication or touching the infected nail, wash your hands thoroughly with a medicated soap.
9.Do not pick the skin surrounding the nails, do not pluck hangnails. This can cause the skin to break and also give access to fungi and germs.
10.Consult a physician at the initial stage of nail infection. The earlier you get it treated the better
11.Eat a balanced diet for keeping your immune system healthy. It helps you combat the germs, bacteria and viruses that cause nail fungus.

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  1. Great tips here. Maintaining healthy skin around the nail is one of the most important ways to keep fungus away.

    Many women are worried about getting Nail Fungus after a mani, pedi. I use a Lacquer that has no side effects, goes on right before nail polish and prevents any bacteria or fungus from entering the Nail. It is called PediMD.