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Nail Strengthening at home

Brittle or soft nails are a problem faced by a lot of people. Brittle nails can be quite problematic as the nails become highly susceptible to injury. Also, nails look worn out and rugged and it becomes impossible to grow nails. There can a lot of reasons for brittle nails like age of a person, exposure to chemical detergents, harmful nail polish removers, nutritional deficiency, bacterial and fungal infections, liver diseases, and keeping them wet for a long time.

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Lack of proper blood circulation can make them brittle sometimes. You can ensure proper blood circulation to the nails  by massaging them regularly. A healthy diet with enough protein content can also help in maintaining the strength of the nails.

Let us understand how nail strengtheners work in protecting nails.

How Nail Strengtheners can help :

Nail strengtheners moisturize and harden the weak nails and at the same time, protect the nails from splitting and cracking. They sometimes help in nail growth. Nail strengtheners are used in a similar fashion to that of a  nail polish and need to be applied twice a week for effectiveness.

Nail strengtheners are usually made of protein or nylon and each of them act differently.

  • Protein nail strengtheners -They contain hydrolyzed collagen, which can protect the nails by creating a barrier over the nails and thereby stopping them from losing moisture. These are considered to be safer than the other types of nail strengtheners and are especially good for people with allergies. However, it is always good to start using them by trying them on through a patch test.
  • Nylon rich nail strengtheners – The nylon present in this type of nail strengtheners forms bonds with the nails, thereby strengthening the texture of the nails. These are good for nails that have been highly damaged.
  • Formaldehyde nail strengtheners – These are powerful nail strengtheners and in some cases cause allergic reactions. Hence, they should only be used under medical supervision.

Make your own Nail Strengthener at home


wheatgerm oil – one teaspoon

castor oil – two teaspoons

table salt


 Mix all these ingredients such that the mixture is uniform. Apply it to the nails. Massage for about 5 minutes and leave it on the nails such that it gets absorbed into the nails and skin. You do not have to rinse your hands as the solution gets absorbed quickly into the nails. Follow this everyday for quick results.

Tips to strengthen your nails

  • Always use gloves while handling any chemical products.
  • Apply sunscreen lotions while going out in the sun as exposure to sun for a longtime can dry up your nails.
  •  Avoid using acetone nail polish remover as it can cause drying of the nails.
  • Include foods rich in vitamin B, proteins and essential fatty acids.


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