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A Guide to the perfect Gel Manicure at Home

Gel manicure


Gel manicures can be done at home in some simple steps if you have the right equipment. It will cost you almost half of what it would cost you at a salon and can even save you a lot of time. All you will need is the UV lamp and a gel nail polish.

Steps that should be followed for a gel manicure at home:

1. Get your nails ready for the Gel manicure by washing your hands, trimming your nails and rubbing acetone over your nails.

2. Apply a coat of base and dry it off under a UV lamp for about a minute.

3. Apply a coat of gel nail polish and leave it on for about 3 to 4 minutes before you dry it off under the UV lamp.

4. Apply the second coat of your gel nail polish and leave it on for 3 to 4 minutes while drying it off under the UV lamp.

5. Apply the last coat of gel nail polish and leave it on.

Gel manicure

6. Dip a swab in alcohol and rub it over the nails after they dry up so that the gel nail polish isn’t sticky.


Things to remember while you are getting yourself a gel manicure at home:

  • Selection of a good UV lamp is a very important step. The thermal spa lamp is a good choice as it is of a bigger size and can fit in your finger and toe nails at the same time.
  • Make sure that the previous coat you have applied has dried up completely before you proceed with the next coat as the whole nail polish could get sticky and come off quickly if the coats are not dry enough.
  • The thinner the coat you apply, the better it is as the consistency will be even and it tends to dry up easily when the coat is thin.
  • Make sure the ends are properly covered in nail polish as this is where it tends to chip.
  • Instead of soaking the nails in acetone to remove your nail polish try peeling it off as acetone is not very good for your skin.


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