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Nail Art Tools For A Beginner

As a beginner trying out DIY nail art, the first thing you need to do is get your hands on the right tools. Here is a list of some of the most essential nail art tools that you will need to buy for DIY nail art.

Nail Polish


Nail Polish or Nail color of a good brand is the most basic essential for DIY nail art. You will need three kinds of nail polish:

1. Base coat: A base is a transparent nail polish that is applied before you apply the actual nail color, For a long lasting manicure, it is advisable that you apply a base coat every time. It is also known to protect your nails.

2. Nail color: This is the actual nail polish of the color that you want on your nails.

3. Top coat: Top coat of nail polish is a transparent coat that seals the nail color onto your nails and makes sure that there is no chipping of the nail polish.


Nail Stripers:


Nail stripers are nail polishes that have a longer and thinner brushes when compared to the nail polish. The long and thin brush makes it much easier to paint designs on your nails with accuracy. It is difficult to find all the colors that you will want for your nail art in the nail stripers. LA colors is one brand that has a lot of colors but finding the basic colors like black and white should do if you are a beginner.




Nail Art Brushes:



You will need to invest in a kit of nail art brushes which come in 6 to 7 different shapes and sizes if you are planning on painting intricate and detailed designs on your nails by yourself. The brushes are of fan shape, long striper shape, flat shape and and other shapes that can be customized. They all come together in sets of nail art brushes. You can find the best ones in brands like Amazon.

Nail dotters:


Nail dotters are nail art tools that come with spherical tips. They as used to paint circles on your nails. You can use them for polka dot designs, tribal designs and any thing that will need you to have perfectly symmetrical circles on your nails. The sizes of the spherical tips of the dotters vary and you can choose the size that you will need based on the sizes of the circles. While using them, apply the right pressure so that the nail color does not spread. It is advisable that you try it on a plastic surface or any other cloth before you try it on your nails.

Scotch Tape:

To create the perfectly geometrical designs, a lot of nail artists use scotch tape. Choose the size of scotch tape that best suits your design and paste it over your nail after the previously applied nail polish coat has completely dried up. Paint the nail color that you would like to use over the tape that is pasted over the nail. You can get perfectly geometrical triangles, boxes, v shaped designs and lines over your nails using the scotch tape.

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