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10 Tips That Can Stop Nail Peeling

nail peeling


Peeling nails is one of the major and the most common of the nail problems faced by a lot of people. From lack of proper nutrition to the nails to additional stress on them, a lot of factors can lead to peeling nails. They result in ugly looking nails which cannot be painted due to the unevenness of the surface or cannot support any form of nail extensions. Here are some tips to stop your nails from peeling.

1. Stop exposing your nails to chemicals

Harsh chemicals may lead to damaged nails which become brittle and start peeling off. Some of these harsh chemicals may include detergents, nail polish removers and other household chemicals that you are regularly exposed to. If you think that frequent exposure to these chemicals might be causing nail peeling, stop using them or use gloves.

2. Do not exert physical pressure on your nails

Activities like gardening, lifting heavy weights and scrubbing can result in the edges of the nails chipping and thereby peeling off. Try to avoid involving yourself in these activities especially if your nails are frequently  peeling off.

3. Avoid soaking your nails in water for a long time

Exposure to water for a long time will make your nails soft and make them come off in layers. This will some times lead to nail peeling. So try and reduce soaking your nails in water for a long time.

4. Keep them moisturized

Just like your skin and hair, your nails can dry up as a result of weather changes. To stop this from leading to peeling of nails, keep them moisturized by applying petroleum jelly or any other regular moisturizer before you sleep and each time you wash your hands.

5. Do not over use nail products

Over usage of nail polishes, nail extensions and nail polish removers can lead to peeling of nails. Give your nails a break a couple of days a week by not painting them. Also, make sure you only use nail polishes that are of a good quality.

6. Get yourself regular massages

Give yourself regular manicures and massages such that your nails have a higher blood circulation. Lack of blood circulation to the nails is often half the reason why nail peeling is caused.

7. Drink lots of water

Dehydration of your body has a direct effect on your nails and can sometimes lead to peeling nails as nails tend to dry up and become brittle. Drink lots of water to keep yourself and your nails hydrated, from within.

8. Take additional care if your nails are infected

If you have already caught a nail infection or a skin infection, you will have to take additional care to keep your nails from peeling as infected nails tend to peel. Use nail hardeners to keep nails strong during an infection.

9. Change your diet

Nail peeling could mean that your nails are lacking in some nutritional elements, so change your diet to suit the needs of your nails. Include foods that are rich in calcium, proteins, omega three fatty acids and vitamin E in your diet as they are important for keeping your nails healthy.

10. Visit your doctor

Consult a dermatologist if you are facing nail peeling regularly as this could lead to more serious nail problems.



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