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Lesser Known Causes of Dents in Fingernails

Nails are basically hardened skin cells infused with keratin protein. Dents in fingernails are an indication of underlying health problems, and can give us a […]

NailFungus Top 11 Tips to Prevent Nail Fungus

Prevention is the best cureā€¦ This is certainly true when it comes to treating any kind of nail fungus. Prevention is practical and common sense […]

ToenailFungus Signs of Toenail Fungus

Onychomycosis or toenail fungus is a toenail infection that is caused by a group of dermatophytes. This infection may also affect the fingernails, however toenails […]

White Spots on Toenails

Every one might have gotten occasional white spots on fingernails or toenails. This discoloration appears on the cuticle and moves outward as the nail grows. […]

Nail Ridge Treatment

Our nails and hair are a mirror that reflects overall health. Healthy fingernails often indicate general good health, while some ailments will have visible signs […]

What Causes Thin Fingernails?

Thin fingernails are a cause of concern for many. This is because maintaining thin fingernails is very difficult. They break off very easily. Those who […]

Green Toenail

Green toenail is the result of the bacterial infection. The infection changes the color of the nail giving an indication of the bacterial presence. This […]

Blood Toenail

When the blood clots in the toenail due any reason then it is known as ‘Black Toenail’. This condition arises when you walk or run […]

What is Onychatrophia?

Onychatrophia is a condition where a fully grown nailloses its shine, shrinks in size, and falls away. This wasting away of the nail is also […]

Purple Toenail: Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Purple toenail is caused due to the accumulation of blood under the toenail due to nail injury. Activities such as running can cause nail injury. […]

What Causes White Toenails?

White toenails are mostly caused due to nail fungus or nail trauma. In rare cases it can be caused due to serious health conditions. Pressure […]

Blood Under Fingernail

A heavy impact or crushing action to the fingernail can break the blood vessels under the nail resulting in the accumulation of blood under the […]

What Causes Split Fingernails?

Split fingernails are a problem faced by many people. While split fingernails can be inconvenient, they rarely indicate vitamin deficiency or health problem. Rather,split fingernails […]

What Causes Black Fingernails?

Changes in fingernail color can indicate a health problem or it can be harmless. Changes in nail color may result from various causes. Also it […]