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nail strengthener Nail Strengthening at home

Brittle or soft nails are a problem faced by a lot of people. Brittle nails can be quite problematic as the nails become highly susceptible […]

What Do Dents in Fingernails Mean?

Well manicured, strong and smooth fingernails give that extra touch to the overall beauty. They say, ‘Fingernails are like mirrors to one’s health’. But, if […]

Steps for Making Your Very Own French Manicure Stencil

Sporting a French manicure is definitely the most classy and subtle nail look that one can carry off with ease. They are popular because of […]

How to Make Nail Polish Thinner at Home

If you have left your nail polish unused for a while, you might have realized that the nail polish had clumped together and became very […]

Steps for Treating Toenail Fungus During Pregnancy

The typical symptom of a toenail fungus is the yellow or white spots formed on the tip of the toenails. If the toenail fungus is […]

How to Cover Up Nail Fungus

Nail fungus might be caused due to bacteria. Different kinds of bacteria can lead to nail fungus. This nail fungus leads to yellow, thick and […]

How to Make Instant Manicure at Home?

It’s always tempting to use amazing beauty products. They are super appealing and quite effective. However, these beauty products like scrubs, serums, chemical peels, foot […]

How to Dry Nails Fast

It is just amazing to have well shaped and well polished nails. But, to get that beautiful look, you need to be very patient when […]

The Art of Removing Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are an amazing way to enhance one’s nails. Be it silk, linen, or fiber nail wraps, they are all lovely and convenient options […]

Mini Pedicure: Easy Way of Getting Beautiful Feet

The main purpose of a pedicure is to clean and pamper the feet. There are several procedures that serve this express purpose. Usually a pedicure […]

How to Use a Cuticle Oil Pen?

A cuticle oil pen is a thin slender marker with a sponge tip. Thisnail care productworks by using an easy application of cuticle oil on […]

What Is Nail Envy?

Nail Envy is an ideal product for strengthening the nails. In case your nails are dry and brittle or soft and thin then this product […]

What Causes Black Fingernails?

Changes in fingernail color can indicate a health problem or it can be harmless. Changes in nail color may result from various causes. Also it […]

Hangnails in Children

Hangnails in children are only problematic when children bite at them, pick at them or get them dirty due to infrequent hand washing. Such negligence […]

Health Issues with Long Nails

Long nails have the potential to cause a variety of health issues. Long nails are a great place for germs to accumulate—germs that can easily […]