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Home Treatment For Ingrown Fingernails

Ingrown fingernails occur when the edge of the fingernail grows into the flesh, getting embedded in the soft skin tissue. This can lead to tenderness, […]

NailFungus Top 11 Tips to Prevent Nail Fungus

Prevention is the best cure… This is certainly true when it comes to treating any kind of nail fungus. Prevention is practical and common sense […]

Steps for Treating Toenail Fungus During Pregnancy

The typical symptom of a toenail fungus is the yellow or white spots formed on the tip of the toenails. If the toenail fungus is […]

How to Cover Up Nail Fungus

Nail fungus might be caused due to bacteria. Different kinds of bacteria can lead to nail fungus. This nail fungus leads to yellow, thick and […]

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Spoon Nails

Spoon nails, or Koilonychia, is a condition where the nails become flat or concave. The nails can also be thin, brittle and soft. If the […]

What Causes Nail Separation?

Nail separation can occur due to a number of factors – the most common being nail infection and nail injury. Exposure of the nail to […]

Green Fingernails Causation and Treatment

Green fingernail is caused due to a Pseudomonas bacterial infection. The bacteria invades the gap between the nail and the nail bed. As the bacteria […]

Types of Toenail Ridges

Toenail ridges – the lines which run across or along the toenails are a cause of concern for many people. One common reason for toenail […]

Is Your Toenail Falling Off?

Having a toenail come loose and even go so far as to fall off can be a frightening and disturbing thing, but this information can […]

What Causes Split Fingernails?

Split fingernails are a problem faced by many people. While split fingernails can be inconvenient, they rarely indicate vitamin deficiency or health problem. Rather,split fingernails […]

Taking Care of Dry Nails

Nails become dry and brittle due to various reasons such as dehydration, exposure to harsh chemicals, and cold or dry weather conditions. Nails are made […]

How to Get Rid of Vertical Nail Ridges?

Nail ridges are a common symptom of traumas or even pharmaceutical products. The ridges can appear as white spots or lines across one or more […]

Hangnails in Children

Hangnails in children are only problematic when children bite at them, pick at them or get them dirty due to infrequent hand washing. Such negligence […]

What are Eggshell Nails?

Eggshell nails are fragile, thin nails that curve over the tip of your finger. They are white in color and extremely delicate. Because they are […]