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c74b36e7ab75e5299eb95b663eb4fbf9 10 Tips That Can Stop Nail Peeling

  Peeling nails is one of the major and the most common of the nail problems faced by a lot of people. From lack of […]

nail strengthener Nail Strengthening at home

Brittle or soft nails are a problem faced by a lot of people. Brittle nails can be quite problematic as the nails become highly susceptible […]

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Tips to Get Rid of Dry Nails Tips to Get Rid of Dry Nails
Methods-to-Increase-Nail-Growth Methods to Increase Nail Growth
nailcare_quiz How Much Do You Care Your Nails?

Wanted to know more on nails? Answer this basic nail care quiz.

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Five-Best-Nail-Care-Tips Five Best Nail Care Tips
The Art of Removing Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are an amazing way to enhance one’s nails. Be it silk, linen, or fiber nail wraps, they are all lovely and convenient options […]

Nail Whitener – How To Use A Nail Whitener Pencil And A Nail Whitener Pen?

How To Use A Nail Whitener Pencil? You all must know about regular eye-liners. A nail whitener pencil is like an eye liner pencil. It […]

How to Use a Cuticle Oil Pen?

A cuticle oil pen is a thin slender marker with a sponge tip. Thisnail care productworks by using an easy application of cuticle oil on […]

Taking Care of Dry Nails

Nails become dry and brittle due to various reasons such as dehydration, exposure to harsh chemicals, and cold or dry weather conditions. Nails are made […]

How to Get Rid of Vertical Nail Ridges?

Nail ridges are a common symptom of traumas or even pharmaceutical products. The ridges can appear as white spots or lines across one or more […]